Q: What is Team MightyBoy?
A: Team MightyBoy started in 2002 as The Australian Mightyboy Owners Network (TAMON), a community of Suzuki Mighty Boy enthusiasts, who came together with the aim of sharing their stories, experiences and technical information.
In the years since this website started we’ve accumulated and shared a mountain of technical information. We’ve also organised a number of successful events to get owners and enthusiasts together.

Q: Why has the name changed from TAMON to Team MightyBoy?
A: Although members of our community understood that TAMON was an acronym for The Australian Mightyboy Owners Network, we found that the general public didn't know what TAMON meant, how to pronounce it, or what it meant! Team MightyBoy is a clear summary of who we are and what our primary interest is. Of course we still support other small Suzuki owners, as we always have.
Q: How do I join?
A: Team MightyBoy isn’t a club in the traditional sense, so “joining” simply means you need to sign up to the community forum. That’s where you’ll find all the information you need on any upcoming events and cruises, plus join in on discussions about a range of topics.
Q: I don't own a MightyBoy. Am I still welcome?
A: Over the years we’ve welcomed all kinds of small Suzuki owners, and so the forum has grown to cater for models besides the MightyBoy. These models include Alto, Hatch, Carry (Every), Cappuccino, WagonR, and Cervo models. In fact, if its a Suzuki with an engine size of less than one litre, then Team MightyBoy probably has you covered!
Q: Where/how can I get a Team MightyBoy sticker?

There’s two ways you can get your hands on a sticker - buy one from us, or get one printed for yourself. If we have stickers in stock then they're advertised in the "News and information" section of the forum.
The second option is to download the sticker artwork file, and take it to your preferred signwriter who will be able to make it for you in pretty much any colour or size you like.
Click here to download the sticker file (.EPS format)

Q: When is the next cruise/event?


Our members attend and organise a range of events including shows, ute musters, track days, motorkhanas and more. We also combine events with other clubs from time to time. The easiest way to keep up to date is by checking out the events section of the forum.

Q: I want to modify my Suzuki MightyBoy. Where can I find useful information?
A Well you are looking at the right website, so that’s a good start! There are two main areas that contain information on modifications: The technical section of the forum, which covers topics such as turbocharging, engine conversions, upgrades, lowering, or fitting larger wheels. Also check out the workshop section of the website, there are some articles in there that might be useful for you.
Q: Where can I find spare parts for my MightyBoy?
A: Suzuki spare parts are getting more difficult to locate as the years go by, so we've compiled a list of retailers that still offer spares/services for Suzuki enthusiasts. You can also try the “trading post” section of the Team MightyBoy forum. If you need something, or have something to sell, chances are that that there's a seller or buyer there for you.
Q: Oi! My question hasn't been answered on this page!
A: Sorry! If you have a burning question that wasn’t answered here, jump onto the “ideas and suggestions” section of the forum and add your comment.


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