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Strange distributor problem - alto 92 f8b

Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:59 pm

Hi Guys.
I have an 92 Alto and it has started playing up. It was surging and dying away while idling and missing randomly. I had a mechanic friend do the timing because I didnt have a light but I think he was actually pissed when he did it and I dont think it is set properly. I has got alot worse and will hardly start or run. Funny thing is though, pushing the distributor cap (with the distributor clamp bolt tight) from side to side makes it run nice or completely die. To start it I have to push the distributor to the right (which looks quite funny for other people watching me do this by myself :) I tried a new cap but no difference. It doent seem to be the leads because moving those dosnt cause the problem. Im stuck. any suggestions?

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