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Suzuki Hatch Mystery Box 2017 Entry

Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:53 pm

Hi all. I'm about to take part in the Mystery-Box 2017 Rally.
So for those who not know about the event, It is a charity car rally event that is leaving Dubbo on 25/11/17 to a mystery location in the outback, covering 2500kms in 5 days in 25 year or older vehicles(no 4wds)
The cause is to raise as much money for the 'Cancel Çouncil' as possible, hence my post up..I am asking for my fellow suzuki enthusiasts to throw some support behind me and the cancer council and make a donation. I dont care how big or small it is. If you can spare $2 then click the link to donate. If more than click it also. It all counts and adds to a good cause. 
Now to the my Ride. Has to be a Suzuki(thats my call) thats 25years or older and 2wd. So for those who dont know me well, I like a challenge so I have chosen a 1983 Suzuki Hatch 800 Specifications: 796cc, 3 cylinder Power: 29kw Weight: 550kgs 
So outback tracks, yep its going to be a challenge.
Please feel free to take a minute and make a donathon, add a comment or wish me luck I may need it..Brad Walker
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Re: Suzuki Hatch Mystery Box 2017 Entry

Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:44 pm

Looks nice and tidy mate, (the one i just got bits off at U-Pullit literally had no floor left in it!) with a little mechanical love she should do it, I just bought a mighty boy (with F8B fitted but still F5A box) picked it up sight unseen in Perth (flew over that afternoon) and the next morning I left for Adelaide and done it easy in 4 days!

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