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Paul Barker's Magic Mighty BoyPaul Barker's "Magic" Mighty Boy

Article from Custom Vans & Trucks, Issue 42. Published May 15 1986.

Question: What's 10'6" long, 4'6" high, made in Japan, gets 60mpg and grabs more attention than a Ferrari?
Answer: Paul Barker's Suzuki Mighty-Boy mini ute.

If you happen to be one of the best and most sought after custom paint and mural specialists in Australia, then it's only natural that you would drive a truck painted turner. Paul Barker does just that.

Starting with a brand new Suzuki Mighty-Boy purchased from Beachside Motors, Dromana, Paul proceeded to strip and prepare the body ready for its American style graphic custom paint scheme. A multitude of brilliant colours were applied using yellow, magenta and and blue murano pearls, combined with red, burnt orange and rich blue candies over a silver base. Airbrushed highlights were added and then everything hand pinstriped in grey, pink, red orange and blue.

Paul Barker's Magic Mighty Boy
Paul Barker's Magic Mighty BoyPaul Barker's Magic Mighty Boy

Bill Maynes (Mayne's Motor Trimming in Ringwood) handled the tonneau cover, carpeting for the pickup bed and the special hood cover to protect the paintwork from chips etc. The wheels are pinstriped with chrome trims added and are stock as Paul has been unable to to find anyone who can supply trick wheels.

Paul is now based in the Beachside town of Rosebud (Victoria) and this little unit will be used as a mobile custom paint studio to cover Victoria, South Australia and New South wales as Paul will now travel to all Australian states including Tasmania on request to create his Top-of-the-line paintwork murals, A special small compact but powerful custom made compressor will be mounted in the bed. In these days of economics it just goes to show what a truly trick custom paint scheme can do for an otherwise stock vehicle.

Paul Barker's Magic Mighty Boy



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This advert for Beachside Motors was also published in the same edition of Custom Vans & Trucks:

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