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Japanese brochure iconA strange Japanese brochure advertising the MightyBoy.



This is a genuine Suzuki brochure from the mid 1980s, advertising the MightyBoy. In the kind of flamboyant and quirky style we've come to expect from Japanese car manufacturers in the 80s and 90s, this brochure features illustrations from "The Gossips" — a series of paintings and drawings by American artist Normal Rockwell — first published in "The Saturday Evening Post" during 1948. Rockwell was famous for his illustrations portraying American life in the early-mid 20th century.

Besides the entertaining visuals there are a couple of points worth noting about this brochure, specifically the options available to Japanese buyers.

Firstly you will notice that there are three model specifications: PS-A, PS-L and PS-QL. The first is the 'base' model, available only with a 4-speed automatic transmission, no roof rails, no radio and 10 inch wheels with drum brakes front and rear. Then there are the L and QL models, one with a 5-speed manual and the other with a 2-speed automatic transmission, both with roof rails, 12 inch wheels and disc brakes on the front. Looking closely you'll also notice that the top-range models have a tachometer, and slightly different seats (the same ones we got in Australia). Air conditioning was also an option on these models. One very strange detail is that the automatic QL model was not available in yellow.

So based on this brochure, the MightyBoy specification available in Australia was a hybrid of all three Japanese models, with some of the L/QL features such as roof rails, wheels and optional automatic transmission. Sadly what we didn't get were the tacho, 5-speed gearbox or air conditioning.


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These scans have been floating around on the internet for a while, but there doesn't seem to be a definitive source. If anyone can provide a link to the original owner I'd be happy to credit them. As indicated in the catalogue itself, the artwork is copyright of Curtis Publishing and the Norman Rockwell Estate.


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