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The Team MightyBoy workshop is the place to find technical information, DIY guides and a selection of the best Suzuki MightyBoy projects in Australia.

We're always in the process of collecting and writing new material for this section, however there is already a technical FAQ on the forum that covers many common questions.

  • Projects ( 1 Article )

    A selection of some of the best Suzuki MightyBoy projects in Australia. Includes detailed descriptions of modifications, pictures and links to further information.

  • DIY Guides ( 2 Articles )

    A growing range of DIY modification tips, tricks and explanations to help you keep your Suzuki MightyBoy on the road and going strong.

  • Technical Information ( 6 Articles )

    All the technical information you will need to repair your Suzuki MightyBoy. Includes wiring diagrams, hose layout diagrams and workshop manuals.


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